4/20: Keeping 50 Years of the Tradition Alive

April 16, 2021

The setting is 1971. The warm Californian sun is setting over San Rafael. 4 o’clock rolls around, and the local high school lets out. A small gang of students gather around a statue dedicated to Louis Pasteur. They call themselves the “Waldo’s”, and they’re ready to discuss something skunky. Cannabis was the treasure, and they had a map. A map from a member of the Coast Guard, no less. Before the Waldo's time, an old sailor had spread seeds along a nearby shoreline, and the hidden crop had never been seen again. The sailor claimed that an intrepid bunch could find the cannabis plants along the shoreline to this day, and that it was some of the best marijuana around. Needless to say, the Waldos wasted little time.

At 4:20 pm they set out with map in hand. After weeks of attempts, the cannabis was still unfound. The Waldo’s did not find their treasure, but they did keep the tradition of “4:20” alive by meeting at the same time regularly to discuss and smoke green gold. Years later, one of the Waldo’s managed to land a position as a roadie for the Grateful Dead. He popularized the term, 4/20, as a euphemism for cannabis, leading band members to use the term themselves and even basing concerts around the concept. It became a cult following among fans. From there, the trend made its way into an article for the High Times, and 4/20 has been in mainstream cannabis culture since. In recent times, the stoner holiday has even become a movement of sorts, where enthusiasts come together to celebrate cannabis, and advocate for legalization.

At 3Fifteen Primo, we are celebrating the tradition of 4/20 by holding our first ever 4 Days of 4/20 event, where we will be offering deals, prizes, and giveaways. Even if the Waldo’s didn’t find their treasure, you can still find a different treasure through our doors. Ignite your treasure hunting spirit with these four Kansas City grown strains:

Bubba Fett: A deep, relaxing indica, Bubba Fett is a fantastic way to relax after a long day, and is a perfect addition to the upcoming summer nights. With 24.4% THCa, Bubba Fett more than packs enough to handle the day's troubles.

White 99: Blowing in like a snowstorm this past winter, White 99 will lift you up. A 23.9% THCa Sativa, White 99 will give you an energetic euphoria that will carry you through the day and may treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Gelato: Like green, fluffy clouds, Gelato has an unmatched texture and smoke. At 17.1 % THCa, the Gelato will be a nice, less intense relaxation to help with pain and insomnia. Every bag you open is like its own treasure, surely the Waldo’s would be jealous.

Alaskan Purple: While the name conjures images of the great white north, Alaskan purple has its roots with a brazilian cross of Kush, and is a great hybrid option for those looking for a little bit of both worlds. At 15.85% THCa, Alaskan Purple is a good option for those looking for relief from chronic stress, pain, or depression.


This blog was written by our very talented Columbia budtender, Sean Keast

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