How to Consume Hash?

How to Consume Hash?

Hash, short for Hashish, is a term almost as old as Cannabis itself. Made from concentrating or separating the resin glands, or trichomes from the leaf, hash is undoubtedly more potent than standard herb. The THCa is much more highly concentrated. It comes in various forms, and depending on the quality, it can be smoked through numerous methods. It is a fantastic way to add a little bit of oomph to your session.

From its humble origins as hand rolled charas, hash production has steadily evolved into the myriad of methods available today. Outside of traditional rolling and pressing, hash has normally been produced using a solvent-separation process. While effective, using flammable solvents ultimately made the process risky. This process changed in the 1980’s, when David Watson (also known as Skunkman) discovered that resin glands break off and sink to the bottom of extremely cold water. Since then, the process of using ice-water buckets and sifting the material through a series of screens became the gold standard, and Ice-Bubble Hash has been around ever since.

Once the ice hash is dried, it will be graded from 1-6 stars based on how much “meltable” resin makes up the hash. Six is the purest form, with little to no plant matter left. The rating also affects how it can be smoked, as more resinous hash may be dabbed. Lower rated hash usually must be added to the flower as an accoutrement. If flower is your coffee, hash is your espresso, and sometimes a latte is just the right drink to hit the spot.

How Do I Smoke Ice-Bubble Hash?

There are 3 primary ways to smoke Hash: Sprinkling, Dabbing, and Vaping.

Sprinkling – is exactly what it sounds like it is. Just like seasoning a fine steak, a little bit of hash on top of a well packed bowl is a fantastic way to augment your Cannabis. This is typically reserved for 1-4 star hash, since it is more like keef in texture. Primo tip: Corner your bowl, a long smoke makes for great flavor with hash.

Dabbing – While requiring 5 or 6 star hash, dabbing is the primo way to enjoy the purest forms of hash. The dab is applied to a Titanium, Ceramic, or Quartz Nail that is preheated with a torch. This vaporizes the hash, and when inhaled it provides an extremely intense, terpene laden flavor that may induce brief periods of heavy coughing, followed by a strong, euphoric high. Primo tip: Temperature is key with dabs, be cautious to not overheat your nail to preserve your terpenes!

Vaping – With the right Vaporizer and attachments, hash of all qualities may be vaporized at the right temperature. Many models have adjustable temperatures, so finding your preferred experience is easy and user friendly. Primo tip: THCa vaporizes at 315℉, our namesake!

Whether you’re looking to eliminate more of the plant matter from your smoking, or searching for that rocket-fuel smoke session to send you to the moon, hash is one of the oldest methods to extend your smoking repertoire. Just like the cannabis it is made from, hash is a living, smoking history, and sometimes it’s just fun to kick it old fashioned.

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This was written by our very talented budtender, Sean Keast.