Consumption 101 Series: Vaping Marijuana

Consumption 101 Series: Vaping Marijuana

Here at 3Fifteen Primo, we’re not afraid to admit we’re a little bit geeky about the science of cannabis: the cannabinoids and terpenes that elicit such powerful beneficial effects for chronic pain, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms and conditions.


Cannabis isn’t a single medication but many active compounds working together in the plant, and similarly there are many ways to access these compounds. That is the inspiration for this series on consumption, with each installment offering you a breakdown of different delivery methods. With that in mind, in this installment of our “Consumption Series,” we tackle an especially exciting topic: How to vape marijuana.


How to Vape THC: A New Approach to Accessing the Benefits of Cannabis


Vaping marijuana—that is, inhaling a cannabis mist that’s hot enough to vaporize the active ingredients but not so hot as to actually burn the plant matter—may seem like a novel way to consume it, but its roots actually stretch deep into history. In ancient Egypt, people heated various mixtures of herbs and oils over hot stones to create a crude tabletop cannabis vape. By the first few centuries AD, North Africans were using a water pipe called a shisha, which filters tobacco or cannabis smoke through water to create an effect similar to vaping.


These days, of course, we have far more sophisticated tools for how to vape THC or CBD, the two principal cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. You’re probably familiar with the ubiquitous vape pen, the sleek pen-like devices that use rich cannabinoid-infused THC cartridges for quick, discreet, and easy dosing. They’re also incredibly simple to use, typically requiring no more than a gentle inhale to turn on the heat element and dispense their cooling mist from the cannabis cartridge.


Today we’ll dig deeper into this topic: into the realm of dry herb vaporizers. Because while they’re not hugely different from disposable or pen-style marijuana vapes in terms of their effects, these devices offer a range of possibilities only hinted at by their budget-priced cousins.


Vaping Tips: How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer


Unlike a vape pen, a dry herb vaporizer employs a chamber into which one loads finely ground cannabis flower (or, in some models, you can also use a cannabis concentrate such as wax, shatter, or budder).


We should cover grinding here briefly, too. While you can separate flower by hand, it tends to become a sticky, messy, and ultimately wasteful job. Better to invest in a simple handheld unit that gets the job done quickly and cleanly—plus with the right model you can collect and reuse the kief that accumulates at the bottom!


Next, load your vaporizer with a moderate amount of ground flower. Resist the urge to pack the chamber too tightly, as this tends to impede the airflow. Once you’ve replaced the mouthpiece or chamber cover, turn on the vaporizer and allow it to come up to temperature. On those models with adjustable heat control, do some research and/or experimentation to find the optimal setting.


Then, inhale gently—some pros suggest imagining you’re sipping a hot cup of tea—to draw the vapor into your lungs.


That’s it: Success! Do be sure to follow the manufacturer’s suggestion for regular cleaning and any other maintenance. Especially if you vape THC oil or other concentrates, you’ll want to be sure the chamber doesn’t get clogged with residue.


How to Vape Marijuana Flower: In Conclusion


In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing much more information about all the various ways to consume the cannabis plant and access its medicinal benefits.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our vaping tips as much as we’ve enjoyed collecting them; if you have any other questions about vaping marijuana, THC vape cartridges or anything else: drop us a line.


We’re here to help! Or, stop by one of our Missouri dispensary locations today to chat with our friendly team of budtenders about vaporization and cannabis cartridges. Of course you can always peruse our menu online from the comfort of home. We look forward to seeing you soon!